I believe that God has a special rhythm that He has designed you to best function in your Spirit, Soul, & Body.  Once discovered, you can use this rhythm and achieve success beyond your wildest dreams!  Either through my new book, The Whole Life, or through my course, The Whole Life Bootcamp, you can not only learn your own custom rhythm, but also step into the greatest season of your life!

From the desk of David Stine


My name is David Stine and I want to help you achieve your dreams by using my lifestyle plan that I call The Whole Life.  The Whole Life is a lifestyle plan that focuses on three areas to sharpen your Spiritual life, three areas of care for your Soul, and three areas to maximize your Body health.

Over the past several years, I've helped many people accomplish their goals and achieve new levels of success.  After having personally used my Whole Life Lifestyle Plan to go from a season of burnout to the best season of my life, I can tell you first hand how to make the corner and achieve your goals just like I have.

The way that I help others get these results is by teaching people how to develop a personal Whole Life Plan and then coaching them to achieve their maximum potential and realize their dreams in this season of their life.

And I believe this plan will change your life too!

So... Why do I do what I do?

I am passionate about seeing my students go from BURNOUT to SUCCESS and begin to thrive in life!

Starting out

Early on in college, at Lousiana State University, I began to search for a faith and belief system on my own.  This search led me to explore religions and even the new age movement.  After an ardent search, I ended up finding my faith in the religion that I grew up in, Christianity, through a dramatic conversion experience.  From that experience I have ended up joining a college ministry where I ended up meeting my wife, Taryn, a fellow business student at the time.

After graduation, we were both advancing in our respective business careers, but the deepest desire of our hearts was to "do something great for God" which took us down the path of pastoral ministry together now for some 20 years.


As an entrepreneur, I have been able to help businesses, organizations and leaders achieve their desired goals.

I have been able to do this partly due to my business background which started with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration as well as working with my family in our various business endeavors including our chain of Home Centers, Stine Home & Yard, that compete directly with Home Depot and Lowes in our markets.

I have started several companies through the years and currently enjoy helping young CEO’s and Pastors take their organizations to the next level through coaching and consulting.

As a pastor, I am the founder of Metro Church in the Washington DC metropolitan area. During my 10 year tenure as Senior Pastor (2007 – 2017), Metro Church grew in excess of 6,000 members in three locations with a TV audience that spanned the United States.  I have spoken extensively to congregations and conferences of all sizes and have a Masters and a Doctoral degree in Practical Theology and Leadership. I remain very passionate about making deep theological truths user friendly for my audience.

As a writer, I have authored three Christian books and have been named an Amazon Best-Selling Author.  My latest book, HEARING FROM GOD: 5 steps to discovering God’s purpose for your life is available now as a hardcover and in paperback through Howard Books. My new book, THE WHOLE LIFE: Finding God's Rhythm in Your Spirit, Soul, & Body, is available now through Howard Books.

Everything was great...

Until I suffered complete and total BURNOUT!

This burnout ended up being the biggest struggle of my life.   I was diagnosed with a hyperthyroid condition, called Graves Disease, that essentially changed the pace of my heart and greatly altered my body metabolism and brain chemistry.  As a result of this condition I suffered a physical, spiritual, and mental burnout.  This burnout affected my marriage, my relationships, and to a large extent my own well being.

All of this happened while I was leading a large church in our Nations Capital called Metro Church that I had founded with my wife 10 years prior.  I ended up stepping down as the Pastor, and started on a difficult road to recovery.  Resigning as Sr. Pastor of the church that I had founded was a very difficult, yet absolutely necessary thing for me to do in order to start on a solid road to recovery.

My New Direction: A Lifestyle Plan called The Whole Life

In the process of recovery I have learned a new and sustainable way of life that I refer to as The Whole Life.  It transformed the way that I look at life and has helped me to go from a season of total burnout to the healthiest season of my life.  My transformation has been hard work, and at the same time, it has been nothing short of miraculous.  My transformation included a total recovery from the medical diagnosis, spiritual renewal, a well cared for soul, and a level of body health that I have not experienced since years ago as a college athlete.

I feel that I have been given a new lease on life and now in my early forties I feel better than I have in over twenty years.  All this is due to The Whole Life, and with God's help, discovering His ordained rhythm for my Spirit, Soul, & Body.

The lifestyle plan that I have developed is based upon scripture and is a pathway to total transformation in your Spirit, Soul, and Body.  Through my 9 step process I will help you maximize your Spiritual Formation, Soul Care, and Body Health.  Not to mention, discover God's dream for your life and achieve your goals in this great new season of your life.

Ready To Change Your Life?


Now, I want to help you connect to your dreams and experience lifechange like never before.

If you are ready to go from Burnout to Success then I want to invite you to connect with me in my lifestyle plan called The Whole Life.  Here are 4 ways we can start working together today:

1- Order a copy of my book called: The Whole Life.

2- Subscribe to my show called: The Whole Life Show.

3- Enroll in my course called: The Whole Life Bootcamp.

4- Register to attend a retreat with me on: The Whole Life Retreat. (coming soon!)

These are all the ways we can start working together, and I know that you will get the same results that I have achieved and more as a result:

I want to help you step into the most powerful season Spiritually, get to know yourself like never before with a reinvigorated Soul, and achieve new levels of self satisfaction with restored Body Health!

I even want to help you develop your own Whole Life Lifestyle Plan!

If you want to change your life - lets start working together today on finding God's rhythm in your Spirit, Soul, & Body!

To Your Success,


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