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Dr. David Stine is a Pastor, a Bestselling Author, and Public Speaker.  He is passionate about making deep theological principles user-friendly for his audience.

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As Christians, we all strive to live the best life we can. To put God First. To seek after God's plan for our lives and then to live that life. The problem is that many of us struggle. Either we don't see God's plan unfolding the way we thought, or we don't see the practical "everyday" expression of what that plan looks like.  The result often, is that we get discouraged or just find ourselves floundering.

My contention is that the reason we struggle is because we need to regain Rhythm in our Spirit, Soul, & Body... When life is out of balance in these three areas, we often miss out on some simple solutions that would help us live the life we strive to live more easily.

What we often need is to simply add practical, real-world, actionable strategies to our thinking that allow us to determine a Whole Life Plan for you.  My lifestyle plan, THE WHOLE LIFE, patterned after scripture, helps you to strategically maximize your three parts, Spirit, Soul & Body.  Because it is our daily actions that make us who we are, it makes sense, that we apply a little strategy to our daily lives and learn to live in a Whole way.  The Whole Life allows us to both be in line with God's plan and help us achieve ambitious life goals.

Bottom Line

God Is An Artist.

You Are A Masterpiece.

It's Time To Start Living Each Day In That TRUTH.





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